Maybe not Mondays

I’m debating this Money-Free Monday idea. It turns out, something I didn’t realize earlier, that Mondays act like my Sundays since I work on Sundays. Therefore, I don’t do a whole lot, especially since I have to wake up around 5 am on Tuesday. If I don’t do a lot, by default I’m probably also not going to spend a lot.

So I’ll debate this in my head for now and try to think of an alternative.

As for now, here are some awesome ideas for free, fun things to do in DC:

Free for All Shakespeare

  • I waited in line for about two hours for tickets for this last night and they stopped giving them out 8 people ahead of me. Bummer for me, so get there around 4, but it’s free theater. Worth it.
  • Last chance to get free admission into the Corcoran Gallery of Art; 10 am-5 pm; usually $10.
  • Today is the last day to put your name in the lottery for language classes for the upcoming fall. There’s a list of classes offered and times on the site. The class requires a fully-refundable deposit of $150 (as long as you keep attendance up). Pretty sweet deal.
Anyone headed to NY for Labor Day Weekend?

More to come. I’m busy house-searching on top of a changing work schedule, starting volunteering and taking a class, so I’ll update when I can or when something relevant happens.

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