Consumer I am

Forgive me sanity, for I have sinned. I bought an iPhone. And what’s worse is that I am really excited for it to get here.

I spent the last week running around DC, lost, trying to look at possible apartments to move into. I realized after having to pay for coffee multiple times to use internet on my computer (and also carry my computer around) to find an address or figure out where I’m going, I was over it.

(I would put up a photo of my post-it note of step-by-step directions that I wrote out to take me from house to house to house yesterday, but I already threw it away in disgust at how much unnecesary work I put into that.)

Also, I waited for 45 minutes for a bus last night that was supposed to come every 10 minutes, completely clueless if it was even coming at all. I said screw it and caught a cab only after a girl with an iPhone came up and said the bus still wasn’t arriving for another 13 minutes.

There are some things I’m worried about though:

  • Becoming dependent on the phone
  • Having entertainment/distraction too easily accessible
  • Being too reachable- I wouldn’t have an excuse to not check my email
But the truth is, I need to be reachable in DC. Things happen quickly. I don’t necessarily like it but it’s reality. 
I’ve lost opportunities for apartments because I didn’t get an instant update of new places available. I’ve wasted countless minutes waiting for all forms of public transit and missed countless forms of public transit by minutes because of my lack of Smartphone (see what I did there?).
Bottom line: Nothing is evil in its pure form, even an iPhone, it all just depends on how it is used. As long as I watch myself and don’t allow any of the above worries to blossom, it will be okay. I do need to be careful, and I am sort of shocked at myself, but I feel confident that it will make life easier.
I’m ready for that.

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