A look back on a night walk in Italy

Tonight is night eight. In all honesty, I took the weekend off from the walks. Fun Valentine’s Day plans took over, which included skiing yesterday. By the time we made it home in the evening, my legs were too sore to carry me for even five minutes, let alone thirty.

So I figured I could make up for my failure by sharing a look back at my favorite night walk from the past. While I was studying abroad in Bologna, Italy in the spring of 2010, I decided to take my camera out one night. Walking in Bologna was picturesque– the porticos, the ornate alleyways, and the cobblestone sidewalks are magical. After the sun sets, it’s even more interesting.

bologna 2

I grabbed my handheld digital camera and headed out. As I made my way, I held my camera at my waist and clicked the shutter. I have a problem with overthinking things, so it was a nice break. I just went with it.

bologna 1

Italians love going out late. My roommates called me una nonna, which means grandmother, because I would be asleep by the time they were heading out for the night. So there were plenty of people out and about.

bologna 3

Something about the fact that it was at night made it more mysterious. I felt more free to be spontaneous (not to mention less creepy hiding a camera). These pictures ended up being my favorite from the entire time I was in Italy, and some of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken.

Consider this an international celebration of night walking.


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