I’m Opening a Freelance Writing Business

It’s official.

I have launched my freelance writing business. I am a freelance writer for hire. And look how cute my logo is:

I’m offering small businesses and entrepreneurs multiple services—article writing, site content, blogging, and editing. All while telling a great business story. I will specialize in personal finance and real estate, but I am happy to grow my portfolio with other types of clients.

The plan is to use my Master’s degree in writing to help businesses grow. If a company isn’t telling its brand story, it’s doing itself a disservice. Customers needs to know why a company is doing what it’s doing before they will jump aboard.

Let’s get this story started!

Check out my professional website at www.tiffanyverbeck.com. If you like my writing here, you’ll like it that much more when it’s helping your business gain followers.

I’m available for hire. Get in touch with me if you or anyone you know has a business that needs a great story.

Until next time,

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