How to Deal with the Anxiety of Freelancing

I didn't expect all the freelancing anxiety that has cropped up in the last few weeks. Sure, I struggle with anxiety, but I had assumed that after I started pursuing my dream—to get paid to write—that the worrying would disappear. Yet it's only gotten worse, in many ways. Between juggling a part-time job, hustling to… Continue reading How to Deal with the Anxiety of Freelancing

20+ Resources for Rural Writers and Creative Types

Are you a rural creative type but need help figuring out what resources are at your fingertips? Have you heard that you should attend a residency or a workshop but have no clue where to find one? Does the idea of getting funded for your craft sound like a pipe dream? You're in the right… Continue reading 20+ Resources for Rural Writers and Creative Types

How To Convince Yourself to Take the First Step—Even From the Boonies

I know you've heard it a thousand times: "The first step is the hardest." But it's true. Even making the decision to try is the most difficult part. And I don't mean telling yourself that someday you'll give your creative pursuit a go. I mean driving along the highway one day and deciding, with determination,… Continue reading How To Convince Yourself to Take the First Step—Even From the Boonies

What It’s Like to Be a New Freelancer

I haven't written on here in a while because I have been focused on my freelancing business. It's exciting to even be able to say that—freelancing business. I have been considering becoming a freelancer for several years now, so the fact that I actually took the leap still surprises me. I'm in shock, I think.… Continue reading What It’s Like to Be a New Freelancer

10 Books to Buy Secondhand: What I Learned from Working in a Used Book Store

Here is my list of 10 Books You Should Never, Ever Buy New. Unless you enjoy wasting money.

What It’s Really Like to Not Have a Full-Time Job

It's weird to be unemployed. I'll start there. The first day I woke up from my alarm clock and realized I didn't have anywhere to be was like a Twilight Zone episode. My husband kissed me goodbye to go to his office, and I stood staring at the door as it closed, feeling a panic… Continue reading What It’s Really Like to Not Have a Full-Time Job

It’s Decided: I’m Writing a Book

I haven't written a post in a while. Instead, I have been cocooning myself in order to get used to all the changes in my life--moving to the suburbs, getting my name officially changed, quitting my job and starting a new part-time gig at a used book store. When I feel like there's too much… Continue reading It’s Decided: I’m Writing a Book