I’m adding any resources that I think could be helpful for rural creative types. These are things I have read or watched that have helped me on my creating journey.

Start with this list of 20+ Resources for Rural Writers and Creative Types.

Note: This page is a work in progress. I like to think it’s a bit like life—always growing and learning.

Books I Recommend

Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon

This is a beautiful read and a fantastic resource for all creative types. It’s graphic-heavy design makes it a fast and enjoyable read. Some of the advice offered: Don’t wait until you know who you are to get started. Pretty great.

Bird By Bird by Anne Lamott

This is a writing-focused book, but her advice transcends other types of creativity. Lamott will teach you how to look at your work differently, and how to finish it step by step. If you’re the type to get overwhelmed at all you have to do, check out this book.

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

This is the book for anyone who wants to suffer less while they are creating. Gilbert gives you reasons to let go of the torment of not feeling inspired or finding your muse. You can also check out her amazing TED Talk on the creative process here.

Rural Resources

Writer’s Relief

This website provides a list of writer’s groups all over the country, which is absurdly helpful. It seems like it is kept up to date.

The Association of Rural and Small Libraries

Libraries are a vital resource to all people, but especially to those living in the sticks. ARSL is an umbrella organization for rural and small libraries all over the country. Check out their webpage for a list of members spread throughout the nation.

Need funding? Check out this in-depth list of 20+ Resources for Rural Writers and Creative Types.

Freelancing Resources

A lot of this is on freelance writing, but since many of the resources are about the business side of things, can also be useful for other types of creatives.

The Write Life

The Write Life has an entire section of freelancing and marketing advice, along with lists like “19 Websites and Magazines That Want to Publish Your Personal Essays.” Many of their options are paid.

Freelancer FAQs

There are quite a few articles on Freelancer FAQS asking general freelancing questions and providing some good advice. Plus, I wrote a piece for them about approaching freelancing as a marathon and not a sprint.

Creative Class (online course)

I’m only halfway through the Creative Class, but it’s clear the two creators have tons of experience freelancing in the writing and design worlds. Any kind of freelancer can get good use out of this. It does cost money, though, and it’s on the more expensive side at $275. But they do have a free podcast if you want to start there.


Finding His Flock: A Rural Writer’s Book Club by Ben Rawlence in The New York Times. A fantastic story about one writer living in the country who stumbles upon fellow writer friends.

Why The Freelance Life May Get Easier (And More Lucrative) In the Future by Elaine Pofeldt in Forbes. A good dose of hope.

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