How to Deal with the Anxiety of Freelancing

I didn't expect all the freelancing anxiety that has cropped up in the last few weeks. Sure, I struggle with anxiety, but I had assumed that after I started pursuing my dream—to get paid to write—that the worrying would disappear. Yet it's only gotten worse, in many ways. Between juggling a part-time job, hustling to… Continue reading How to Deal with the Anxiety of Freelancing

The Anxious Limbo of Transition

It was a Thursday afternoon last summer, and I was carrying a 30-pound box of books from the second floor to the first. We had a public event at work that day. The man with the dolly must have seen me in my black wedges and thought I looked like I was struggling. Because I… Continue reading The Anxious Limbo of Transition

How to (Try to) Not Be a Perfectionist

A boyfriend from many moons ago told me he liked me "because you never stress over anything." When I mentioned this to my close friends, they burst out laughing. "OK, has he met you?" they asked. Their laughter offended me for a few seconds (jeez, I'm not that bad, am I?) I was surprised my… Continue reading How to (Try to) Not Be a Perfectionist