A Little About This Site

Are you living in the boonies and trying to create art or design or write? Does the open sky help or hinder your work, or both? Do you feel like you need more of a community?

You have come to right place. I’m building this site to help people like you, rural creative types, make their dreams come true. Whether you’re pursuing creativity full-time, part-time, or on your lunch break, I have something for you. And you probably have a thing or two to teach me, as well.

I want you to be able to stay where you are.

To breath in the fresh air. To take in the stars at night. To know your neighbors. And I truly believe that you, creative type, can make it work from wherever you are.

Take it from someone who moved away from the Midwest 8 years ago. There are days I wish I was back there. And others I know I made the right choice to leave. But if you plan to stay—out of desire or necessity—you can still make strides in your creative career.

How I Can Help You

First off, I believe in you. This is important for you to remember. It doesn’t matter where you live, if you’re in the middle of a corn field or at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. You have so many resources available to you simply by way of the Internet.

And your community and nearby towns probably have more to offer you than you imagine.

Here’s why you can trust me:

  • I received a Master’s in Fine Arts in creative nonfiction writing, so I know a few things about creating.
  • I own a freelance writing business.
  • I grew up in the Midwest but lived in a city for 8 years, so I have learned the pros and cons of both lifestyles.
  • I’m confident you don’t need to live in a metropolis to be a successful creative type.

I’m here to share what I learned and hopefully help you out in the process.

Where to Begin Your Journey

Check out my About The Author page for more information about the author of this site. The Resources page also has a great (and growing!) list of tips and tricks to get you started on your path.

Want to Be Featured on Midwestern Transplant?

If you are (or have been in the past) a rural writer or creative type and would like in interview about your work featured on this site, head here to fill out the form. Tell me a bit about yourself and what my readers can learn from you, and I will let you know if I think you’re a good fit.

Thanks for visiting.